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Shiv Singh
My Featured Skills

I’m using top leading programing & designing frameworks.

I specialize in branding and strategy, and I am passionate about building impressive portfolio work. And I'm always ready to impress those watching with my creativity.

Serverless and Headless CMS development
React, Angular, Vue.js, Next.js, Jekyll/Liquid, PHP, MySql, DynamoDB
Certified Server Architect
Responsive Web Design
My Awards and Achievements

Professional awards and honors I’ve reached.

Personal awards. Having over 10 years of experience motivated by the desire to achieve success.

Web design awards

For Best UX/UI Design App

Inovative ideas design Awards

For Most Loved Illustration

Creative Design awards

For Best UX/UI Project Design

My Photo Reels

I love Travelling and Taking pictures

I enjoy travelling and remaining connected to nature. I normally carry out the following activities during my visits:

Love natural events
Love the natural moments

Watching the sunset

Stay in nature's lap
Hang on to nature's knees

Trekking and camping

Best way to exercise
The best way of doing exercise

Bike riding

Best way to exercise
I love going to different places

Enjoy new towns


What my clients think about Me

My Clients and Partners

Clients / Partners and Collaborations.

Looking at the sunset Over the last ten years, I have had the opportunity to work with and for people from extraordinary organizations.

Total CLients

over 18 countries

Sensitive feedback

For Design quality

Trusted sponsers

Featued by top rankers

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